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Sri Lanka, or the same name of the island Ceylon, is located in southern Asia, bordering the waters of the Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean. This island is famous for a variety of flora and fauna, culture and Buddhist temples.

Cultural component of the island is huge, you can visit the world famous places of Buddhist monasteries and various temples, and also see the simple life of the happy islanders.

Here you can go to many exciting and beautiful places.


Sigiriya is one of the most prominent buildings on the island, a town on the top of the mountain. The locals gave the name of this city – “Lion rock”. This rock is surrounded by vast gardens and fountains. This historic site in Sri Lanka is under UNESCO protection. Climbing on the rock takes about two hours, but visiting this place is well worth the time spent.

City Tour of Kandy.

The Ancient capital of the island, where you can visit the temple of the Tooth, and it also keeps the relic – a Tooth of Buddha. Kandy is a centre of pilgrimage for Buddhists. You can see one of the largest Botanical gardens in the whole Asia, and see the colonial buildings in the Victorian style.

Climbing Adam’s peak.

Sri pada or Adam’s Peak, translated from the Sinhala – mountain butterflies. This is a sacred mountain for Buddhists, on the top of which the temple is located, with views of the rock, where you can see the footprint of Buddha. The height of the mountain is 2243 meters, so the ascent must be made at night to see the sunrise and the beauty of this sacred place. The ascent is very heavy, and it is a difficult test for active people.

Tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya.

Sri Lanka is famous for the vast tea plantations, the whole world drinks tea from Ceylon. At the height of 1884 meters, is located the small town of Nuwara Eliya, in the mountainous areas, where the temperature is much lower than on the coasts of the island. Here grows the famous Sri Lankan tea. You can visit Mackwoods Labookellie in Nuwara Eliya which is the oldest factory of tea and conducts free tours, as well as walk through the tea plantations to see how local women collect the tea and take pictures with them or try to collect the tea by yourself.

Yala national Park.

Is an exciting jeep Safari! Here you can watch the entire fauna of Sri Lanka. You can see leopards, elephant’s family in reservoirs, gazelles, deer, Buffalo, wild boar run past, and it’s not all the animals can be seen. The park is also a must see for those who likes the birds. The tour starts early in the morning, so the drivers of the jeeps stop in open countryside, in the heart of the Safari, at the shore of the ocean, for the lunch break, at this time, you can make beautiful photos and Breakfast. This journey will leave you with a lot of positive emotions.

As well as in Sri Lanka, you can visit the turtle farm, elephant nursery, go for excursions on the water, whale watching, dolphins. There is everything for a good rest in here.