Sri Lanka’s the tenth largest national park where organizes safaris and you can see elephants. Here you can see leopards, bears, elephants, whales and other animals in their natural habitat.
National parks

The national park Koeman

The reserve of Koeman is 400 km from Colombo and is 36 thousand hectares of a land. It was opened for the tourists in January 2010. You can see many beautiful and interesting places, a huge number of lagoons and grasslands n the park. The national park has a beautiful lake which is 200 hectares and is called Cuman Villa lake where you can go by the catamaran and see the rare birds and enjoy the beauty of this place. The Koeman Park has about 225 kind of birds such as egrets, pelicans, ibises, spoonbills, many of the Balkans and storks.
Park Koeman covered with mangroves, forests, fern groves, ponds. There’s a well-known fact that a pond called Kiri of Pokuna provides the water during a drought. There is the rock with the ancient cave near this pond, have inscriptions inside the walls made by Buddhist monks many centuries ago. There is also a Buddha statue with a height of 11 meters in the national Park. The Park is open from the early morning till the darkness. Entrance fee is $10 plus $8 service fee.

Pigeon island

Pigeon island is a marine national park of Sri Lanka located one kilometer away from the Nilaveli beach, on the Eastern side of Sri Lanka, near Trincomalee. The island is named in honor of the rock dove, which lives here. This Park is famous for the best coral reef in the whole Sri Lanka and is a nature reserve since 1963., The island was used as a shooting range during the colonial period.
The Park is divided into the two parts -big and small island surrounded by a coral reef with the length of 200 meters and a width of 100 meters. There are also small rocky islands around.
The island’s reef is shallow, giving you the opportunity to snorkel and observe the underwater world. Here, it is also possible to travel with a guide, and it is considerably more expensive, but it can show the inhabitants of the reefs and coral growths, which are impossible to find on your own.
The cost of visiting the Park – adult $10, child $5, group attendance is $8 per person. The Park is open from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


National parksThe national Park Sinharaja is located in the south-west of Sri Lanka. This is the only place in the country where you can find the wood of the tropical forests. In 1988, the Park was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. There are many species of flora and fauna, rich in taxa endemic, listed in the red book.
The Park consists of ridges and valleys, and 60 percent of the trees are endemic, many of which are the rare species.The area is divided into the two forest types:
1. There are grow plants of the genus Dipterocarpus and a secondary forest that grew up after agriculture on the lower slopes of the ridges and in the valleys.
2. There are plants of the genus Mesua and Doona as the second type of forest and which dominates in the Park.
Sinharaja, in a literal translation means “the lion king”, is famous for the rare species of birds, reptiles, butterflies and mammals, such as elephants, leopards, pythons.
The Park is recommended to visit with a guide, otherwise, there is a chance no one to meet.
The cost of visiting the Park -560 rupees, price guide for 4 hours – 1600 rupees. Open from 6 am to 6 PM.

Elephant orphanage – Pinnawala

National parksThe elephant orphanage is one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka which is located in Kegalle not far from Kandy. The nursery is designed to protect the elephants that have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents.
In 1975, the nursery was opened for tourists, and at that time there were only 7 of females at the present time, Pinnawala has not less than 80 elephants and elephants, some of whom were born in the kennel. The oldest elephant in the shelter now more than 65 years.
The elephants teaches and raises in the nursery, some of them are sending to the zoos of the other countries. The rest are working in the forests by carrying goods, participate in ceremonies and performances as well. The locals are treating the elephants with honor and respect these animals.
Pinnawala is the only place in Sri Lanka where you can really see a huge number of elephants in the wild life. Every day, the workers leads the elephants to swim to the river Maha OYA at 10:00 am – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00 o’clock in the afternoon. During the meal, you can feed the baby – elephants for 250 rupees per a bottle. The meal times – 9:15, 13:15 and 17:00 hours.
The elephants swimming may be canceled if there was a heavy rain and the water level in the river rose considerably.
The cost of attending nursery – adult ticket 2 000 rupees, child 1 000 rupees. Open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

National Park Hatchery

There is the national park Hatchery in the south, 165 km from Colombo, which was created in 1972 to provide shelter to the wildlife and to protect the catchment of the reservoir. The total area of this Park is about 31 000 hectares of the land. Before he founded the Park, this place was used for slash-and-burn agriculture.
Basically, the terrain of the Park is dominated by plains, rare mountain areas. You can find several types of savannas in the Park , for example: bush of dense prickly bushes; grass Savannah with scattered trees; the Savannah turns into the valleys and forests filled with the water. Here you can find 40 species of mammals, 12 species of amphibians, 21 species of fish, 184 species of birds, 33 species of reptiles and 135 species of butterflies. There are various species of trees in the forests such as Ebony, satinwood, Palu and Milla, Halmilla, Mandarins and Damini.