There is always something to do for the lovers of active rest in Sri Lanka . Surfing, kite surfing, diving and trekking are some of the most popular forms of recreation.
We gather a group of people with common interests and provide the opportunity to travel, do sports together, make it fun and interesting. There are many mountains for climbing in Sri Lanka. Diving under water will always be a company such as active people.

Tracking  is a popular leisure activity among active people. In Sri Lanka, anyone can go in a journey on foot to the mountain trails, climb to the top height of 2 000 km above sea level. Sri Lanka is an ideal place for lovers of trekking.

Diving on the island is very popular. The underwater world of Sri Lanka's diverse and rich corals and various species of fish and plants. In any Uchaly island, you can find a diving centre, which will offer a fascinating journey into the underwater Kingdom.

Kitesurfing  season kiting Sri Lanka starts from may, therefore, our camp moved to new experience in a new place - in  Kalpitii in order to continue to teach You to ride a kite. This is the ideal place for lovers of kite surfing.