Trekking climbing is one of the particular interest in Sri Lanka, the island mountains are not very high and are available for nearly all, the average height of the mountains 1000-2000 m above the sea level.
Trekking and climbing

Adam’s Peak (2243 m)

Adam’s peak is one of the main natural attractions of Sri Lanka. This place is sacred to all religions, because, on top of the mountain is a trail in the form of a huge human foot. Buddhists believe it’s a footprint of the Buddha, Christians believe that it is a trace of Adam, and Hindus will tell You that the mountain was once hanging out Shiva. In any case, this place is worth visiting to climb and see everything with your own eyes, will have to overcome 5200 levels. Usually they start climbing about 3 o’clock in the morning that would be the beginning of the rising of the sun to be at the top and admire the incredible beauty of the dawn, which will forever be remembered by everyone.

Trekking and climbing

Plateau Horton (2135 m)

A large plateau of about 3000 hectares is situated at an altitude of 2135 meters above sea level, climb on eco-trail long about ten miles, ascent depending on the training takes 3 to 5 hours. On the plains inhabited by a large number of exotic species of plants and butterflies, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on earth. But the main plateau Horton is the observation deck, the so-called “end of the world” – a sharp break at 328 meters, small and all m down the big “end of the world” which offers a great view of the Indian ocean and the surrounding countryside famous for its splendor.

Trekking and climbing

Ella rock (1350 m)

Ella Rock mountain situated in the town of Ella. The route to the mountain is unusual for the first few kilometers to go by rail, but it is rather a plus, as the railroad “Colombo – Ella” is considered the most picturesque in the world, on the way enjoy beautiful views of waterfalls, tea coffee plantations and ancient “mini – churches” of the Buddhists. Climbing the mountain is not difficult and will take not more than 2 hours. There are breathtaking views including the small Adam’s Peak (Small Adams Peak) as well located in Ella town, which is also worthy for the rise, especially as it’s much easier and climb will take just about an hour.