The question of placement excites many, for the first time going to submit Sri Lanka. What conditions where it is better to lodge for that to wait, on what to pay attention. For that precisely you shouldn’t wait, having been going to master surfing bases on Sri Lanka, so it is expensive magnificent hotels. As a rule, the most popular spots possess quite good infrastructure, but accommodation will be quite modest here. Luxury housing on Sri Lanka a rarity. One of the most popular places for surfing during a winter season is Hikkaduva. It is the small town located in only 100 kilometers from the capital of Colombo. The settlement is famous among surfers.

It is well-known for the beaches, corals, reeves, well and of course waves. Besides, in Hikkaduva there is a set of small hotels, gestkhaus, little shops with all necessary. Popularity of spots of Hikki among surfers of the whole world led to that here nearly the best infrastructure on the coast. A large number of hotels, gestkhaus, restaurants, bars and shops do accommodation comfortable here. At a choice of option of placement it is worth meaning that the main beach is located directly opposite to the small settlements of Narigam and Tiranagam therefore it makes sense to look for housing in these settlements. That to choose hotel, гестхаус or apartments – to solve only to you.

The Guest House is rather convenient option of placement which gains popularity. Here it is possible to find quite comfortable country houses accommodation in which will manage cheaper, than in hotel. But also, the refrigerator and a plate is essential plus. If you arrived to Hikkaduva for a while, convenient option of placement will be гестхаус. As a rule such houses offer rather comfortable conditions, but without excesses. The accommodation price strongly depends on many factors, for example remoteness of the house from the ocean, the term of rent, existence of the conditioner and many other conditions. Will influence payment and existence of the Internet. Rent of the houses located in directly proximity from a beach is more expensive. Remaining here for a long time it makes sense to remove housing far away from a beach, in the jungle. So you will be for certain relieved of continuous resort vanity and noise.

If you arrived to Hikkaduva to surfboard, it makes sense to pay attention to the houses intended for placement of surfers. Having rented the room you precisely will find adherents in such house. Usually house adjoining territory of such houses is very beautiful and exotic. Often there platforms and verandahs on which it is possible to organize parties and a barbecue are equipped. From such country houses the surf of a kempa and school of surfing will often organize a free transfer to a spot and back that too it is convenient. Except esthetic pleasure from beauty of the surrounding nature it is worth meaning that this nature is rich with various living beings to whom you should adjoin. Be ready to that palm proteins (quite noisy and uneasy beings), monitor lizards, monkeys and other local various fauna can appear your neighbors.

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