alaia-surfModern surfboards are already a little reminiscent of the first Board of Hawaiians. However, as often happens, after the rapid development of technology comes the desire to go back to basics. So surfing on a traditional wooden Board without fins is gaining popularity. This style of riding has almost disappeared in the early twentieth century, although there is ample evidence that before the surfers surfed these boards in different places around the world. In Japan such Board has received the name of Ithaca, and in Hawaii – the home of surfing, called Alaya.
alaiFor the Aussie Tom Wegener it all started in 2004, when he was in the Bishop Museum. There are surf boards on which rode before. The skill with which these were made of planks shook Tom. After returning home he tried to make a few boards on their own. This process fascinated him. Soon, under the action of the enthusiasm and Tom got his friends. Now they too can see the waves on wooden boards.
tom 5   How much is experimenting with forms of boards, he has tried lots of different options. For several years, surfers master the ancient skill of skating on simple wooden boards. Tom said that Alaya is the most successful surfboard. The main advantage of these boards is that you can ride on them maybe a surfer of any level – from beginner to professional.ALaia-mainToday, more and more surfers try these boards. Already Thomas Campbell, and David Rastovich, and Dan Malloy tested boards Alaya. The popularity of these boards is growing. Thanks to a well-known professional surfers Board Alaya received wide acclaim.
billabonggirls1The main feature of boards Alaya is their thickness. These boards are very thin and flat and move in a wave very quickly. They are very lightweight and therefore quickly gain acceleration on the wave. Additionally, the Board surface is smeared with oil, which improves glide. Thanks to this Board Alaya can move the wave faster modern boards are made of artificial materials. Thin and flexible Board are able to provide a significant advantage in Catania. Due to its characteristics Board Alaya are very light and alive, however, to ride a wave you need to take a perfect position to launch.

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