Tips from Fred Pettachi:

1. According to Fred, Pettachi backside cutback is one of the most challenging feats. At the beginning of the trick need to focus on how to take the correct position on the Board. The center of gravity must need to hold boards, and at the beginning of execution few shift it towards the rear. We have to act about the same as when performing a frontside bottom turn.

2. Next, holding on to the edge of the Board prepare to hand straightened. The speed can be increased during the maneuver. Reaching the bottom of the wave you need to fully transfer the weight to the stern. And at this point, start to stand up straight on the Board, guiding the nose of the surf up the wave.

3. The most difficult thing when performing this trick is to keep the speed. But do not leave without attention and the correct positioning and timing. After cutback is necessary to continue the movement. Here, many fail due to the fact that too much pressure on the edge of the Board. Correctly done cutback is spectacular stunt, and it’s worth the risk.

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