How to choose a board is one of the questions which are most often arising at beginners. First, boards can be divided into some main types which differ in the area, thickness and a form. Beginners as a rule begin with boards which received the name of a longbord.


These are boards of big length (from 8 to 10 foots) and thickness. Shortbords, contrary to longbords, have the short length (5-7 foots) and smaller thickness. Boards of average length received the name of fanbord. These are the main types of boards. Except them there is still a set of other types, for example Ghana and tou-in. Training is begun as a rule with thicker and long boards because it is simpler and more convenient to stand on them. Modern surfboards as a rule are made from fiberglass, plastic or an epoksa. Plastic boards the strongest and cheap. They are most often used in a surf schools, but to itself such board shouldn’t be got. Fiberglassovy boards gained the greatest distribution. Also professionals use these boards. The fiberglassovykh of boards is the main pluses their low price and rather soft course on a wave. Unfortunately, boards from fiberglass fragile and often break in transit.


These are boards of new generation. They are strong and allow to support high speed on a wave. From minuses – their cost and complexity of management. They should be got if you constantly try new places for surfing and you should transport a board. An important point is the covering from pitch on a surf surface. The more pitches, the are stronger a board. But also it is heavier, respectively. We would recommend to take beginners boards with thicker covering as the thin layer of pitch has an adverse effect on board durability. The board is made of foam. It has to be rather dense. At good boards foam won’t manage to be pressed through fingers. Some boards have also a stiffening rib which has Stringer’s naming.

Except the size of a board differ also in a form. The shape of a nose as a rule is defined by board type, on the longbordakh a nose smoother and wide. Than you are going to take waves, big on height, especially the nose at a board has to be the sharp and bent. The stern of a board can have the square, round form or a form called Phish. Phish provides high stability, but has an adverse effect on maneuverability. Boards with a round stern often use for tricks, they the most maneuverable, but also the most unstable.

The square option of a stern is a golden mean. Have value and fins on a board. Big waves demand more rigid and large fins. However they aren’t suitable for performance of tricks. Some boards have special rugs that the foot of the surfer didn’t slide on a board. If the rug isn’t present, it is possible to apply special wax (is selected proceeding from specific conditions of environment). It is necessary to pay attention at a board choice to these moments. If you only take the first steps in surfing, begin with a longbord. If means allow, it is better to get epoks. If you didn’t come to the professional’s level yet, it is better to choose a serial board of a known brand. The quantity and way of fastening, and also bends of a nose and stern for the first board of special value have no.

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