The trick, which later was named the «Barrel» or «El Rollo», was invented and first performed by Pat Caldwell. Pet professional bodyboarder, the participant of competitions of world level in the 1980s and 1990-ies. Pat Caldwell is a native of California.

At the age of 12 he got his first Morey Boogie Board and began to participate in competitions in Hawaii. He always liked to try new things and after a while he came up with a trick, namely the longitudinal rotation at the output from the wave. A new trick he demonstrated to the Hawaiian line-up when he was 16 years old. The name of the trick is obliged to Jack Lindholm, who saw it laughed and asked the young surfer not do the trick is called «El Rollo»?

This joke like the author of the trick and with this trick name went down in history. Today, among the rich Arsenal of tricks in bodyboarding barrel «El Rollo» is considered one of the basic maneuvers. If you still do not know how to perform this trick, it is unlikely that you can be considered a true bodibilderam. Some athletes even believe that this trick is the basis of bodyboarding.

To run surfer need to go to the closing lip of the wave and using this momentum to perform a full rotation around its longitudinal axis and then land on the face of the wave or foam. Let us consider an execution of the trick step by step:

  1. Catch the right wave
  2. Single breaking portion of the wave
  3. Perform a bottom turn and climb to a wave
  4. Move the center of gravity to the front of the Board and pick up speed.
  5. Watch breaking crest, don’t take your eyes off him
  6. Firmly grasp the Board
  7. onto the lip of the wave tilt your head back
  8. keep track of the direction of motion.
  9. Give the wave to deploy you along the longitudinal axis by 360 degrees.
  10. Please note that with proper execution of the trick then the nose of the Board will shift toward the coast.
  11. holding Tight the Board to shift your weight on the inner rail.
  12. Bend your arm to soften the blow upon landing.
  13. Complete the trick landing on the foam or the face of a wave.

It should be remembered that the most common mistake when performing the barrel is going through the breaking crest. Try to avoid this. In addition to classic drums and there are different variations of this trick. When you will surely be able to do is described here option, try to try «Air Roll» and «Take-off Roll».

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