In 2015 the prestigious award «Surfboard of the year» vyigrala development company Haydenshapes called «Hypto Krypto». The award was presented at the Australian Surf Industry Awards 2015. During the event, which brought together more than 200 participants were presented with various awards. Board “Hypto Krypto” is a successful combination of innovation and proven technology. The width of the Board and its shape is (weakly rounded rails) to achieve greater speed, and better pintal help to control the Board in turns. Rocker boards are flat, with a slight lift of her nose. The Central part of the Board is rather thick, but the thickness of the rails is reduced. The nose kick concave Board made with rounded vee profile of it goes into single and double vee tail becomes. This makes the Board faster and more controllable when perekantovke. A new Board was perfectly suited for small waves and for long pipes on the point-breaks.

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