Today we will discuss a trick that is called Lofty Ambitions. Lofty ranges includes departure from a wave, turn, and grab two hands for both Raila Board.

If the reversal was not fully successful, the landing is performed with the tail forward (in reverse). The first thing you need to remember – it is very important the speed. You need to accelerate, as and when any other air.

When you run a target section of the wave that’s about to fall. The best moment for entry to this trick is the closure of the waves.
Lofty1  Selecting a suitable plot of a wave, head to him, keeping the Board positions at an angle of 30-45 degrees to the ridge. The most important thing is to keep the speed during this turn. Focus on the crest of a wave where you’re going to make a departure. Before flying with the waves start the rotation of the entire upper body – head, shoulders, upper part of the body. This will give the torque throughout the body. Then, starting from the crest of a wave you need to fully straighten the rear leg and slightly bend the front.

When done correctly, this will cause the nose of the Board will rise up. It was at this point need to do the hands grab both rails, the rotation is stabilized, and you will control the movement. Turn head and shoulders in the direction of rotation and simultaneously choose the phase of the wave for a touchdown.

When landing, bend your knees. If you land tail first, then hold the nose of the Board above the tail. Keep in mind that when landing the fins of the Board may continue the rotational motion. Let the rotation be completed, keeping the center of gravity low over the Board. The choice of landing point is very important – depending, will land you on the foam or on a smooth surface waves depends on the success of the landing. In any case, try to stand on the Board and continue.

The most important points

  • During the descent from the waves try to reach maximum speed before you find a suitable plot to trick.
  • When departing from the waves expand your head and shoulders in the direction of rotation.
  • At the time of separation from the crest of the wave follow grab two hands for both Raila Board.
  •  Carefully observe the direction of his landing.

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