psychofreak  Today, when sellers wetsuits compete in originality of titles for their exclusive materials and technologies of fasteners, it is very difficult to understand what was happening. Company O’neill was not there exception. However, their ultimate neoprene, XDS-Air really deserves attention.

New suit PsychoFreak FSW today is one of the best wetsuits. We will briefly review the design of the costume. The wetsuit is made of neoprene. Inside the neoprene has air bags, enclosed in a thin nylon shell. When the surfer moves, bubbles of gas are heated.

These gas bubbles along with the thickness of the rubber determines the capabilities of the suit in terms of thermal insulation. A direct correlation: the more the thickness of the fabric and more bubbles, the better the insulation. New material XDS-Air consists of three layers of laminated neoprene.

In the middle layer is full of holes with a diameter of three millimeters across the surface. Thus, the air trapped in these holes insulates heat. The same principle is used in insulating glass units installed in homes.bubble-diagram_export1-e1305489186583  One of the unique features of wetsuits, made of material XDS-Air is that they have similar thermal insulation properties, costumes, thickness greater than a millimeter. Because of this suits O’neill PsychoFreak FSW is much easier, more flexible and warmer than standard wetsuits.

Our testers tried out a couple PsychoFreak 2010 (3.5/2.5 mm and 4.5/3.5 mm) at the beginning of the winter season on the East coast and in Northern California. The main difference from last year’s model, made entirely of neoprene, XDS-Air – inserts made of super-stretch neoprene.

Thanks to these inserts in the legs, arms and shoulders greater flexibility is achieved, and thus the usability of the costume. PsychoFreak is very warm and keeps excellent temperature. In addition it is very convenient. In addition, freedom of movement in the shoulders for easier paddling in cold water.JordyS_F10_PFreak7_Prefo.bk_  Another unquestionable advantage of this suit is its complete watertightness. Seams are sealed on both sides and also on top of the glue areas additionally attached a silicone liner, which in the company O’neill called Fluid Seam Weld.

Through the use of a range of technologies with a tricky nazvaniya like PulloverBarrier 2, Z. E. N. Zip Closure System or Z. E. N. Zip Closure System provides additional protection in the neck area.

Lightning unbuttoned spontaneously and does not cause irritation in contact with the neck. When properly and carefully buttoned zipper and Velcro on the neck, the water inside will not fall.rubber-cutaway  So, to sum up the results of our tests: first, the PsychoFreak wetsuit is very warm. It is available in materials of different thickness, the manufacturer recommends the use of costumes with a thickness of 3.5/2.5-mm in water temperature 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

For colder conditions – from 5 to 10 degrees is better to use costumes with a thickness of 4.5/3.5 mm. For athletes who catch the wave on the coast of North-Western Pacific ocean, in Northern California or in the North-Eastern coast of the Atlantic, these suits are simply irreplaceable.For warmer latitudes, such as southern California is enough thickness in 3/2-mm.pfreak_backThe suit is quite durable. We did not aim to damage it and used it carefully enough, but the suit has not shown any signs of wear. Unfortunately, among the advantages of this costume is unlikely to be able to carry the price. Suit costs about 500 dollars, which is more expensive than the average costume. But this exclusive line of costumes for fans to ride in the winter is really worth the money.

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