All you need skill training, workout, surfing is no exception. Quite obviously, than in the best physical shape of a person, the easier it will be to learn surfing. What you should pay attention before the start of classes in surfschule, in order to maximize short vacation to learn as much as possible? The first thing that should learn is to swim properly. Even if you think that you are in good shape, still has the sense to take lessons from an instructor. The best style to improve their physical form — the crawl, the breast stroke is better than nothing. Definitely will be useful and cardio workout.

Surfing is a very active and energy-consuming sport. Here for running or Biking. Next, definitely need to work on stretching and coordination. They are essential for surfing. In the first place should pay attention to the stretching of the muscles and ligaments of the legs, pelvis and back. Special attention should be given to the knees. Here can help yoga, Pilates or martial arts. In principle stretching you can do at home, on the Internet you can find a lot of exercise and form, demonstrating how to do them. However, we need to follow some rules. To stretch only in a heated condition, otherwise you can easily get injured.

It is best to stretch in a warm room, after charging or a certain amount of strength training when the muscles are in good shape. Another important skill is good coordination. The ability to balance and easy to manage your weight is a very important skill when learning to surf. You should train to do that at home. The easiest projectile to balance development is fitness ball, better large diameter. You can use a special machine called a balance Board.

The usual board which it is possible to ride anywhere will help with it also. To the word the board can be taken and in hire. I showed the last researches of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research magazine that endurance, ability to maintain intensive loadings and quickly to be restored are necessary for surfers. Therefore certainly it is necessary to pay attention to aerobic trainings, with high intensity. Here will be useful also rope jumping, fast, strong feet to you precisely will help to accustom quicker on a board. It is necessary to pay attention and to development of muscles of the case. They are responsible for that, how successfully you will be able to row and how fast you will get up on a board.

To be engaged in reduction of in a form it is worth beginning not later, than in 2 months prior to departure in a surf Kemp. If before you didn’t play sports, be careful, it is very easy to be overzealous. It is better to be too lazy a little, than to go too far. Surely begin any training with warm-up. Performance of power exercises on «cold» muscles as a rule leads to injuries, which to us to anything. Having spent holidays on waves and having come back home, don’t forget to support yourself in a good physical form, then in the next season it will be easier for you to return to surfing and as fast as possible to restore the acquired skills.

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