Not long ago, the Guinness book of records has replenished with a new record. It was installed by rowing on the hoardings. Group SUP Armada set this record at the Queen Mother reservoir, located in the Western part of London.
During three hours necessary for registration of the record long distance in one mile overcame 264 participant, breaking the record of 2014. The previous record was set on the island of Hayling with ten rowers. This year the event was held in support of charities: the sailing Foundation Andrew Simpson, community boating on parvardeh «The Big Stand» youth camp «Snow Camp».
The organizers of the race do not plan to rest on our laurels and promise to spend next year even more mass swim.
In the swim was attended by athletes of all ages. They all received a lot of pleasure from activities and tried to break the record. Weather contributed to a favorable outcome.
For the families and friends of participants were organized team races and water Polo on podvoryah.
In addition, it was possible to practice yoga and attend a training course. All participants received a certificate for setting a new world record. Adverting is another way to ride a Board on the water surface. The athlete stands on the surf and pulling the paddle. In fact it gave the name to mind: paddle English boating and board – Board. Today, this sport is actively developing around the world along with surfing and soputstvuyuschie disciplines. This sport can be enjoyed on all waters, and his technique is quite simple.


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