Do you look for where to spend holidays? Sample resort rounds bothered? If you prefer sports rest, Sri Lanka will be the excellent options for you.

Why precisely Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is the tropical island located almost on the equator and washed by waters of the Indian Ocean. Warm waters, sandy beaches, the rich nature, friendly local population and the developed infrastructure attract tourists from around the world here. Maybe you want to try surfing? Sri Lanka waits for you. Numerous routes are developed for tracking campaigns. Thus rest on Sri Lanka is available at quite democratic prices. For entry into Sri Lanka citizens of Russia are relieved of need to receive in advance the visa in consulate, it can be received after an arrival directly at the airport. If you look for a surf round, Sri Lanka also offers rich opportunities.

Rest for every taste in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers ample opportunities for rest. But of course occupations anyway connected with the ocean will become the most attractive types of rest here. The coast of the island offers excellent conditions for occupations by surfing, a kayting, diving and even simply beach rest. A tripa surf will be organized all the year round here. It must be kept in mind planning holiday and choosing a tripa surf, Hikkaduva – one of the most popular resorts. Precisely it is worth paying attention to it. Here almost all the year round it is possible to find a place where it is good to catch a wave, and the rich underwater world does immersions especially fascinating. For those who looks for quiet rest, on the island there will be such opportunity. Here come to take pleasure in serenity and carelessness of the tropical island, to pomeditirovat, practice yoga, to touch Buddhist culture and to take pleasure in the magnificent exotic nature. The best time for rest is considered November here — January. Conditions for accommodation on Sri Lanka rather modest, but convenient. You will hardly find here luxury hotels, but lodges in which usually place tourists, provide comfortable accommodation without excesses. The cafes and restaurants scattered on all coast offer excellent food at low prices.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka relatively was included recently into the list of the most popular places for surfing. Here even more often offer a tripa surf, Sri Lanka attracts surfers from around the world. A secret of popularity of the island that here almost all the year round it is possible to find waves, ideal for surfing. Along the coast of Sri Lanka the set a spot surf is located, each of which has the features. If you the beginner also want to try only surfing, Hikkaduva – an excellent place for this purpose. Here to study to surfing very well. First, here it is easy to find a spot surf which will correspond to your abilities. On all coast there is a set of the schools ready to train beginners. Skilled instructors quickly enough will help to accustom with a board and will quickly teach surfing elements. As a rule schools provide also all necessary equipment. For those who already surely costs on a board of school can offer special trainings for skill increase. If you look for where to try a surf, sri lanka already waits for you. On Sri Lanka there is a large number of spots where it is possible to catch a wave. Fans of surfing claim that here it is possible to catch a wave more than 12 foots. If to arrive here during the high season (summer), it is possible to become the involuntary viewer of the international competitions in surfing which are held regularly here

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