Taking the first steps in surfing it is important to choose a spot surf competently. The spot surf is a part of the ocean where there are waves suitable for driving. Each spot has the features which need to be considered. Agree, it will be offensive if too high or sharp wave with which you won’t be able to cope, beats off any desire to develop in this sport further. Choosing a surf a spot for training in surfing it is necessary to consider the following recommendations. First, pay attention to a bottom. It is better if it is sand, on it it is convenient to come into water. Besides, you will go by the first stage rather directly, so to come to shoal.

Therefore, it is better if during the falling or a sprygivaniye from a board under feet you had sand, but not sharp stones. Secondly, it is good if to the people in a spot is very little. Absolutely precisely you shouldn’t do the first tests in spots where skilled surfers ride. It is good if in the chosen spot there are flat waves, then at you will be enough time to rise and turn. At the first stage it is very important. Sri Lanka offers a set a surf of spots where for certain there will be a place as to beginners, and skilled surfers. One of the places, most attractive to surfers, on Sri Lanka is Hikkaduva. Hikkaduva is the small town located approximately in 100 kilometers from the capital of Colombo. The season in Hikke proceeds from November to April. Here excellent conditions for occupation by surfing. Water temperature and air makes about 30 degrees.

Because of attractive spots surfers from around the world and therefore Hikka can brag of very quite good infrastructure here are flown down. Here it is precisely possible to take in hire or to buy a board, and also to find the instructor if necessary. In Hikkaduva there are many spots like beach break, that is spots with a sandy bottom focused on beginners. In such spots of a wave stronger fast and sharp. They perfectly are suitable just for beginners. Every time a wave rises in different places. North Jetty is a spot with quiet long waves, it will suit skilled fans more. The spot of Benny’s differs in high waves, only professionals can ride here. A little to the south of Hikkaduva still there is not less than dozen of points for surfing. More detailed description of serfspot of Hikkaduva can be found here.

Starting mastering surfing, you remember that it is better to practice in those waves with which you are well familiar. You shouldn’t force waves above your growth. Never ride alone if you have no opportunity to be engaged in it with friends, choose beaches where rescuers are on duty. You shouldn’t ride close to the coast, especially in surf waves. Characteristic of these waves is that they rise directly at the coast and sharply fall directly in sand. It is better to sail more deeply and even if the wave seems more there when falling you will definitely not hit a bottom. It is good if at you it turns out to find to itself own peak. The peak is a point with which the wave starts being closed. perhaps it will be a little removed from the basic, but all waves will be yours there.

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