Air: the gimmick, which is that the surfer takes off on the Board above the crest of the wave.

Barrel: – pipe, cavity, inside breaking waves.

Beach break:one type of wave that breaks over a sandy beach, on the sand wash at the bottom.

Beach Bunny: girls who don’t skate, but just waiting for the surfers or watch them from the shore.

Bells (Bells Beach): widely known for the right wave, which is born on the southern coast of Victoria in Australia. Place where the event takes place Bells Beach Pro.

Billabong: One of the largest manufacturers of equipment and apparel for surfing

Board: surfboard.

Boardies: shorts for surfing.

Boardshorts: the same thing and Boardies.

Carve:turn on the wave. Even the so-called popular European magazine on the theme of surfing.

Cutback:the trick whereby the surfer turns on the wave and goes in the opposite direction.

Drop in: start from the wave. You should not perform this maneuver if you are a surfer, who really rides the wave.

Duck dive: maneuver, diving under an oncoming wave.

Dumping wave: he type of wave, not suitable for surfing due to the fact that it falls not comb throughout the layer.

Fakie: he maneuver, which consists in sliding on a wave astern. Also a beginner surfer who wants to seem Pro.

FCS (Fin Control System): конструкция съемного плавника, которая делает удобным перевозку и ремонт снаряжения.

Fin: fin of the board.

Foamies: волны, на пене которых хорошо постигать азы серфинга. Также легкие пенопластовые доски для начинающих серферов.

Goofy: стойка с правой ногой впереди.

Grommet: a young surfer (named puppy from cartoons by nick Park).

Hang Ten: the style of riding the longboard in which both feet are on the front of the Board. Also the name of a magazine about surfing.

Heavy: hard and big waves. Also hard local surfers.

In the Soup: in the foam of a broken wave.

Jeffrey’s Bay (J-Bay):right waves of the highest class which are born approximately between Capetown and Durban in South Africa.

Kneeboarding: slipping through the waves on a special Board in the short rack on his lap.

Layback: dangerous and difficult trick where the surfer leans back on a wave.

Leash: the cord which fastened the Board to the surfer so that it does not float away.

Legrope: the same thing as leash.

Line up: the place where surfers wait for a wave.

Locked In: surfer caught in the wave struck.

Mavericks: spot on the California coast known big waves.

MR: Mark Richards, a multiple world champion in surfing, the legendary athlete.

Mullering: what waits for falling with the waves of a surfer hitting the waves.

Narrabeen: the area of the Australian coast, North of Sydney, where born a lot of good waves.

New School: style of a trick skating, as opposed to a simple glide on the wave.

Nose: the nose part of the Board.

Offshore: the wind, blowing from the shore towards the ocean. The most suitable wind for surfing.

Onshore: wind blowing from ocean to shore. Not suitable for surfing.

Pearl: the moment when a surfer buries the nose of the Board into the wave and falls.

Pipeline: the famous Hawaiian wave, famous for its pipes.

Poser: a Person who poses as an experienced surfer, dresses like a surfer, walks on sootvetstvuyuschim the shops, posing as a Pro, but not actually riding.

Quiksilver: one of the largest manufacturers of equipment and apparel for surfing


Rail: the edge of the Board.Regular: stand with left leg forward..Rip: a strong current, is dangerous because can carry out the surfer in the ocean.SAS (Surfers Against Sewage): public movement “Surfers for clean water”.

Shove-it: a trick, which consists in the fact that the surfer in the air turns the Board 180 or 360 degrees.

Slater, Kelly: Kelly Slater, one of the most famous and top-class athletes on the planet.

Snake: capture the wave out of turn.

Snap: a sharp turn, which is actually the crest of a wave.

Steamer Lane: a famous place in Northern California, for convenient surfing.

Sick: the word used to indicate something impressive, such as sick air – the performance of the trick.

Stick: surfboard.

Stoked: shocked, in good sense of this word.

Stringer: the wood insert extending along the Board for strength.

Swell: waves generated by storms in different parts of the Earth.

Switch Stance: riding in an uncomfortable stance, i.e. goofy as regular, as regular as goofy.

Tail: of Feed of the Board.

Tail Slide: slide the stern on the crest of a wave.

Tube: a pipe that occurs when a steep overlap of the wave.

Uluwatu: a very good wave off the coast of Indonesia.

Vanuatu: an island in the Pacific ocean, famous for its waves.

Wax: the wax, which RUB the top side of the Board so as not to slide off.

Wetsuit: a wetsuit is used when riding in cold water.

WSL (World Surf League): Association of Surfing Professionals, develop surfing as a professional sport.

Wipe-Out: falling off the Board into the water.

Worked: so talking about the surfer, which after falling heavily played in the wave.

Yallingup: surf spot on the West coast of Australia.

Zamba, Frieda: Florida surfer, four time world champion.

Zogs (Mr) Sex Wax: one of the popular brands of wax.

Ziperless: wetsuit new generation that don’t use zippers.


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