Tomorrow comes on the heels of, evolving technology, physical capacity of athletes is growing every day. There are new tricks, manufacturers offer more advanced Board from the most advanced materials. Actively developing mountain and outdoor sports with elements of extreme sports continues to inspire modern surfers on improvement of skill. Today the important factor of Razvitie surfing be new ideas and developments.
On the Internet there are always new frames that showcase: nothing is impossible. I have the feeling that some surfers simply ignore the force of gravity and the laws of physics. Not casually recently born a new concept: «scarfing» (skurfing).
This word appeared in Varadero. The official definition of it has not. In fact, it is a mixture of surfing, skateboarding, bodyboarding, snowboarding and much more. One of the masters of the new art Bradley Domke does not get tired to show fantastic ingenuity in mastering new tricks and maneuvers.
Today it is unofficially the most progressive skimboarder planet. Below you will find a video where he demonstrates what can be transformed surfing into the future. No barriers: only the Board and the waves. Today the main trend in surfing is that the Board is installed, an increasing number of fins. Brad Domke refuses from such an approach. It uses only a thin Board for waveriding and capabilities of your own body. It seems the surfers in fact have something to learn from skimboarders.

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