Its popularity surf Hikkaduwa found nothing more nor less than 20 years ago, and in the last couple actively gaining momentum flow from Russia. Effect is due to well-developed, compared to other spots in South-West of Ceylon, infrastructure, coming from all over the world young and small, suitable for learning waves along the long sandy beach. The main karabelnik spots in Hicke only three, from South to North, with one break in between.

Main Reef is always running reef A-frame, with good depth. Most people here. Wave height of 3 feet and above, but the more powerful swell, the better twists.

Beach break — the southern part of the beach. The left and right waves up over the reef, but the bottom is sandy, which makes the spot training. Foam and green waves for students.

Bennys — reef break with the left wave for confident skiers.
the North Jetty — the longest left wave in point break arises when svele from 8 feet.

For his main reef spot Main Reef , Hikkaduwa offers a number of breaks all along the coast, hidden among bays and coves.

Rathgama is 8 km from Hikkaduwa towards Galle.

Owakanda Surf Point — 12 km North of Halle. The left wave us a reef, with a large svele can go up to 150m. Safe depth gives the opportunity to ride prakticheski all.

Unawatuna is also South of Hikkaduwa, a spot with a short left wave for confident surfers. Because of the coral and Cannavaro bottom, there is practically no one rides.

Kabalana Surf Point (The Rock) – the best A-frame Sri Lanka with relative deep bottom. Often there are competitions. The wavelength at svele 8-10 feet up to 300m. The local line-up aggressive, be aware and be careful. Best skate shoes.

Kabalana Beach Break is in fact a training spot for beginners, because there is only foam. Very strong currents.

Midigama is a fishing village with a great spot, walking along the shore at 300-500m.

Most popular of his Lazy Left or Midigama Left. Just here 4 the peak, all the time working with svele from 4 feet, with a smaller — only one break. The bottom of the reef, currents can be nailed to the ridge of stones, but with the right position left main wave will suit beginners.

South of the beach there and right wave 3 peak operating at svele from 4 feet — Midigama Right or RAM’s. Quite dangerous reef break, especially when deep mixing water. On the main peak of the wave is powerful and sharp, but if you ride on the right-most peak, on the big water is quite safe.

Coconat Point point and reef breaks in one bottle. 4-5 peaks for skilled surfers. Close to the shore, few people, locally. The spot is good, but not for the beginner and longbarrow, only dcdave.

Mirissa — a great beach for swimming, with two on the sides of the bays, where and stand 2 peak. Very close to the reef, so it is better to choose the high water. In the right Bay of the a lot of aggressive youth. Wave short and mostly left, right no. In the left Bay to swim longer, and when svele from 5 feet appear good right wave.

Polhena is a village South of Mirissa long right wave and not very left, spot Madiha. Inlet reef stove, 2 line-up. The first is not very deep, so not ideal for safe driving, the second 50 metres operates at the big svele 4 feet long sharp wave.

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