Surfing is becoming more popular. The Internet is full of offers from various surf schools and surf camps. Instructors vying offer to teach the basics of surfing. But surfing is not only a fun way of active recreation and sport. As in any sport in surfing held its own competition up to the world Championships. So, how are surf competitions? Some rules here are familiar with other types of. For example typically men and women compete separately (and men’s competitions are much more popular). Before the athletes are the draw.

In addition, competitions are divided by type of boards. The most complex and spectacular are considered competition shortbord – servng on short boards. At the same time competing some athletes – no less than two and not more than 6. Typically, the number of surfers, while being in water is 2 to 4. The competing task is to catch the two best waves and show them all that they can.

In General, as a rule, the surfer can take no more than 10 waves, but the credit will go top two. The maximum score that can be obtained for a wave is 10 points, for a maximum of that can get an athlete to 20 points. Each race lasts 20 to 35 minutes. The countdown to the race begins when athletes have reached the lineup. The athlete, who took an internal position on the wave or above is entitled to ride this wave until it ends. In addition to the stunt, shown on the wave, and is estimated starting from the waves, but to expect that he will bring a lot of points, not worth it. But the great value has the selected maneuver. It is important to perform maneuvers that are best suited to a particular wave, because even with the successful execution of the trick, not suitable to conditions unlikely to earn a high score. Of more importance is the ability of the surfer to «read» a wave during the passage.

We separately evaluate the passages in the tubes, there is a value size, length of pipe, depth of being in surfer and so on. Judges will evaluate the degree of difficulty of the trick, novelty maneuver, a variety of maneuvers and combinations, as well as strength, speed, and smoothness. The competition is judged by a few people, usually 6. Each generate a score in the final will not count the lowest and highest estimates. On the basis of other estimates calculated the average score, and it determines the place of the athlete.

In the world there are two organizations that are engaged in the organization and conduct of professional surfing competitions: the international Association of surfing (ISA) and the Association of specialists of surfing (ASP). At the national level, sport is a local organization. In Russia there is the surfing Federation of Russia which is engaged in conducting surfing competitions among Russians on the territory of the country and abroad. The world Cup of surfing is called the ASP WorldTour. These competitions have a complex system of selection and getting there is not easy. All athletes-surfers tend to go, because it is one of the most spectacular events.

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