Surfing it isn’t just a sport. It is tremendous experience which can turn your life completely. To describe all scale of emotions which arise during descent on a wave on a board it is simply impossible. Having tried once, there is a wish to come back to water again and again. There is a set of places and ways for occupations by surfing, but one of the most popular forms of rest among surfers athletes is the camp. Today, when surfing gains the increasing popularity, worldwide there is a large number of camps of surfing. In such camps all conditions for surfers of any level, from beginners to professionals are created. As a rule, camp of surfing or as them still call a surf-kempy, offer surfers food and accommodation.

Depending on the program of camp the cost of the permit can include also hire of equipment (a board and a diving suit), transfers to spots. Often in such camps offer also services of instructors for beginners. It is possible to allocate two types a surf-kempov: constant and single. Constants a surf-kempy will be organized at a surf hotels. You can choose dates of arrival and duration of rest. It is the option accepted at the price allowing to get at once a set of services. Single a surf camp are usually connected with the next set in a surf school and have strictly certain terms and dates of work. Such camp are focused on those who faces surfing for the first time. Therefore as a rule join in the program of these camps not only occupations by surfing, but also yoga, excursion trips, entertainment program.

By the way, the yoga is almost neotjemlemlemy companion of surfers. Many camp offer occupations by yoga in time, free from occupations on waves. The yoga develops flexibility so necessary for surfers. Now appears more and more the schools and camps offering services in Russian. It does rest in such camps to even more comfortable. Many schools offer training in English, but it must be kept in mind that local English moreover and against noise of waves not always manages to be understood.

The camp of surfing is also opportunity meet a great number of interesting people from around the world, keen as well as you by a tremendous sport. Therefore you will spend holidays in the company of adherents, you will get acquainted with new interesting people. Serf-kempy is as a rule a place where adherents who really are interested in surfing gather and which want to learn and be improved in this sport. Here you will hardly meet party-goers who will prefer a party with a large number of binge rather.

One more essential plus of camps of surfing is that you are relieved of need independently to select to itself placement options. As a rule permits in a surf-kemp include the whole complex of services, including transfers, placement, and sometimes and air flight. In fact you get already completely organized rest. Thus, camp of surfing is an excellent way to spend holidays, to learn or develop the skills of driving on a board, to find new friends, to receive a charge of forces, cheerfulness, optimism and good mood.

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