So, you love every minute spent on the waves. Surfing is a delight and each new wave is one of the best. What could be better? Mood can wreck marine predator, lurking close to the line-up. The first reaction of any normal person – the fear and the thought: how to be and what to do? So you can be ready for such situations, we recommend the book «a survival Guide to the surf trip». This book contains essential rules that you need to know every surfer, traveling around the world.
The authors of the book Melanie and Steven Bernardi live on the Atlantic coast of France. On account of rich experience, they have traveled the world and been confronted, perhaps, with all the troubles that can trap surfer: natural disasters, malaria, theft, broken boards, shark attacks and many other problems.
All these problems are fairly typical and every surfer sooner or later confronted with certain difficulties. The book is unique in its kind: it is a kind of guide on solving each of these problems. In the book, only seven chapters.
Each one contains helpful hints on interaction with the local surfers, survival in extreme situations (e.g. during natural disasters). There are also tips that are targeted only at women sportsmenok. With this book you will be able to more thoroughly prepare for your trip and avoid trouble.
The book contains advice from professional surfers, doctors working in tropical countries, survival experts and other experienced people. The uniqueness of the book is that the bulk of the guidebooks describes a specific area and does not contain information about what to do if you are in trouble. The book «a survival Guide to the surf trip» is a Smith and is an important tool that will be useful to all surfers regardless of where they go.

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