It is well known that in any sport newsnano be better than not exercising. The pain that inevitably accompanies any serious training in any sport. The muscles, ligaments, and other elements of the musculoskeletal system to adapt to new loads, to unusual and irregular movements.

Often the pain in the muscles and ligaments are inevitable. Muscle growth occurs at the expense of microfractures in the fibers, which are accompanied by pain. Stretching exercises increase flexibility and mobility, but also usually require to endure the pain. And yet, all we need to know the measure. And when to stop? What are the rules to follow when training?

  • the Pain is a signal that the first thing is to check the correctness of the movement. When performed incorrectly, any technical procedure, especially with a load, you do not develop those muscles in the worst case you risk to make injury. Pain is an indicator, an alarm signal, which requires to pay attention to the drill.
  • the Pain is perhaps a signal that you should reduce the load. By overloading your body you may unexpectedly lose at some time the ability to easily and smartly move. Distribute and measure the load correctly. ‘re overworked muscles can not work properly.
  • the greater the pain, the more time may be needed for recovery. It is important to remember about muscle memory. After 300-500 repetitions of the movement, made using «can’t», with pain, this movement begins to occur unconsciously. And to reprogram the muscles to another movement may require 10 times more reps!
  • To achieve a certain level of strength, dexterity or skill takes time. Constant training to the limit is unlikely to shorten this period, but to cause injury.
  • Never program your muscle memory to do the movements that only get to play through the pain.
  • do Not take exercise as punishment (e.g. for a piece of cake in the afternoon).

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