Long ago you dream to try surfing? Long you examine video with the well-known surfers, but you don’t know with what to begin? We will give answers to the most important questions.

Where it is the best of all to learn to surf?

We will make a reservation at once that the place, ideal for all, doesn’t exist. Everyone at a choice of school of surfing is guided by certain preferences and tastes. We recommend Sri Lanka for training in a surf. This one of the most successful places for a start. First, the spot surf of various level round which the set of the schools offering surfing lessons is located is a lot of here. You can choose the most suitable for you. Secondly, here practically all the year round it is possible to catch a wave. The most known schools are located in the town of Hikkaduva. Schools of Sri Lanka are ready to accept pupils of any level – from absolutely beginners, to the surfers who already have some experience. Sri Lanka is a place where it is possible to combine different types of rest. Fine nature, pure warm waters of the Indian Ocean, friendly locals. Even if you won’t like surfing, you will definitely not be disappointed, having spent the holidays here.

How to choose the school?

How to choose the school from huge number of options? Here everyone will be guided by own set of criteria. It is necessary to pay attention to the program of training, cost, the offered packages of services. It is best of all to study previously responses on the Internet or to receive recommendations from the acquaintances. You shouldn’t rely on the tourist’s packages offered in tourist’s bureau. The choice of school is a responsible moment, be engaged in selection independently. By the way, it is worth making it in advance, then you will be precisely sure that at the school which was pleasant to you there will be for you a place. Besides, some schools allow discounts for the preliminary application. One more important point concerns qualification of instructors. If the instructor of school has no loud titles, it doesn’t mean at all that he is a bad instructor. Eventually, you need the person who will be able to teach you to surfing bases, but won’t show you various tricks. Training is offered by many schools. The Russian school of surfing in Sri Lanka differs in an individual approach, attentive instructors and excellent service.

That can learn?

Usually offered courses last 2-3 weeks. On what result it is possible to count during this time? For that to wait from lessons? This question excites many beginners. We will tell at once, you shouldn’t wait for much. You shouldn’t expect to learn during this time tricks, the most important to learn well to stand on a board. The excellent result can be considered if you learn to go simply surely along a wave. The Russian school recommends after return home try to keep a physical form, do an extension, do swimming, run. Unfortunately, it is necessary to recognize that if you want to reach results in surfing, it is necessary to take care of regular trainings. Having returned on a beach in half a year most likely you will be compelled to begin training anew.

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