The main function of the wetsuit is a heat retention athlete during his stay in the water. For this task there are several methods. One way or another, but the process of making the suit involves stitching the various parts together.

Question sealing joints remains a very important and everything is very far from imposing a simple seam when sewing clothes. Seams better Than the suit conforms to the body, the better its insulating properties. To achieve a close fit is possible through the use of design panels. Panel suit stitched together. It turns out that the flexibility of the joints is lower than that of neoprene sheet. Therefore, they should not pass on the line of the shoulders or under the arms, so as not to hamper movement during rowing.

If the water passes through the seam of the costume, the body temperature drops. So Abrazame we see that the greater number of seams on the suit with one hand provides better insulation, on the other hand can lower it (if the seams are leaking), the joints reduce the flexibility of the suit and can RUB.

Therefore, we need to find the right balance. When proizvodstve wetsuits use three different types of stitches. The type of seam is of great importance, because the crosslinking process involves proklyatie waterproof neoprene. Respectively through the holes in the fabric can penetrate the water. Stitch used in making costumes, determines how the suit will be warm.

Seam type overlock

Seam type overlock machine is the simplest, but least effective seam. In expensive and high quality wetsuits it is not used ever. The technology of this seam implies that the two corner panels first bend, and then stapled. Because of this flexibility of the weld is significantly reduced, and on the inside of the wetsuit appears significant compaction, which can rub.

Pseudoflat seam

The second type of weld that is used in the manufacture of equipment for surfers, is called pseudo joint. Here one panel overlaps another and then they are stitched. One side of this seam remains sufficiently flexible and durable, but on the other hand, this kind of joints are prone to leakage than others. It is suitable for suits, oriented for the summer or for use in warm water.

Потайной шов

When using the third type of seams – concealed, the edges of the panels are first glued together back to back. Then from the inside they are sewn so that the thread is not passed through and not fall on the external side of the panel. This provides sufficient flexibility and waterproof seam. Such joints are ideal for use in cold water and are often used in expensive and high quality costumes. When you create a thick wetsuits double stitch can be used on both sides.


Как можно герметизировать швы

  • In addition to using different stitches by stitching panels of neoprene, sealed seams use still other ways.
    The seams can be impregnated with glue.
  • Even the panels are glued together prior to stitching, enhancing the strength of the weld.
    In key places, the seam may additionally be glued ribbon to increase strength if necessary.
  • To preserve the flexibility of the suit is often used neoprene tape. Alternatively can be used a liquid rubber – a special liquid that when applied it on the inner surface of the seam ensures complete sealing.

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