Today we will consider with you a trick which received the name Vicious Hack. The essence of a trick consists in return by the time of a wave collapse with a turn and sliding by a board stern forward. We will try to describe sequence of actions when performing this maneuver.

So, we remove on a wave and we get up on a board, having bent feet in knees. Then разгняясь we go to the region. Best of all the wave site before a collapse but which yet isn’t falling with lower edge is suitable for performance of a trick. It is necessary to try to move away from foam, transferring the center of gravity is closer to forward part of a board and to go on a crest being killed up. Being near top execute swing of the case in rotation. At once behind it straighten a hind leg, carrying out sharp carrying out and at the same time transferring weight to a forward foot. Be developed and fixed on the back edging of a board in the opposite direction, back by the time of a wave collapse.

Looking through the leading shoulder and sliding on a smooth arch lower a lobby (in the direction of travel) a hand in water behind yourself. Here very important gradually, without sharp breakthroughs to transfer weight to a forward foot, having bent it in a knee. Go to the coming penalty fee. At the crest develop a board vertically, rest against the finding wave and you slide down, a stern forward. Not to flood fodder part of a board it is necessary to develop a shoulder towards turn.

Being delayed from a stern as it is possible bend a forward foot more strongly and straighten the back. Better to control sliding to lower a hand back (in the direction of travel) in water. At the movement by a stern keep calm forward and correct the movement only the hand lowered in water. For an exit from maneuver transfer weight to the back edging of a board, having more or less evenly distributed it on both feet. Then come back to a rack and continue the movement.

The main moments when performing a trick: At return by the time of a collapse of a wave lower a forward hand in water. Transfer weight to a forward foot, bend it in a knee. When sliding by a stern forward as it is possible be delayed from a board stern more strongly. Correct sliding by the hand lowered in water, keep calm.

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