Found on the Internet a suitable wetsuit, but don’t know how to choose the size? Our material for you!

When describing the type and size of wetsuit use specialized terms that you should know. Consider how to pick up a wetsuit in size, focusing on your height, weight, bust, waist and hips.

What size to choose?
Manufacturers of wetsuits use a variety of markings to indicate the size of its products. It’s easiest to use the table below to determine which wetsuit is right for You. Most manufacturers produce models in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL. The letters indicate the size and growth of the suit:

S — small (small)
M — medium
L — large (big)
T — tall (high)
X — extra
So the XL size will mean «very large»? MT – suit for medium height and so on. For precise definitions, clear scoops with yourself and use the chart. For example: if your 173 cm and weight 68 kg, bust 100 cm, waist 80 cm, most likely you will approach the size of MS.

Using this table you will be able to successfully determine what size wetsuit you need. In any case, we highly recommend you to try on the costume before you buy because you may not fit a particular model (maybe ill sit on you), you may not fit into the size range specified in the table.This table is designed to determine the size of Xcel wetsuits in the first place. Women’s sizes are slightly different, added girth of the hips.


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