Answers to frequently asked questions

General information on Sri Lanka

-The Internet in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka supports 3G network as any normal country, so the basic solution is a local SIM card. There are many hotels, restaurants and bars, including our camp have free Wi-Fi.
-Sports insurance
The insurance is not only necessary  but mandatory! We are engaged in making insurance policies, you can contact one of our partners or contact the insurance company, just be sure to include the sports risks. The cover summary of the sports insurance is 5000$ and the price is only 1$ per day.  
-Visa to Sri Lanka
The citizens of Russia and CIS countries for entry to Sri Lanka for tourism purposes requires the permission of the ETA, which can be issued on arrival or in advance online at the website ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization System). For the issuance of a permit upon arrival with a completed migration card to come to the front "Visa on arrival" and pay the visa fee of 35$. Then go to the passport control area where the place of the visa stamp. A mandatory requirement to visit Sri Lanka in the presence of a passport with validity not less than six months after the end of the trip.
-Flights to Sri Lanka
There are direct flights from Moscow to Sri Lanka by the company Srilankan Airlines. The flight tine is about 8.5 - 9 hours. Additionally, many airlines can arrange connecting flights to Sri Lanka (Turkish airlines, Qatar, Etihad etc).
Time in Sri Lanka ahead of Moscow for 2.5 hours (+5.5 hours from Greenwich)
2/3 of the population of Sri Lanka are the buddhists, the rest of the people are almost equally Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
There are two main languages in Sri Lanka : Sinhala which is spoken by most of the population, and Tamil - spoken in the north-east of the country. Generally, the local population is quite tolerant speaks English.
Sri Lanka has a sub-equatorial monsoon climate and Hikkaduwa where our surf school is located, has the rainy season from June to October.
The main currency is the Sri Lankan rupee (SKR). Easier just to take the dollars, the exchange rate is approximately 131 rupee for$ 1. To change the money is better in Hikkaduwa as the course is higher than at the airport and in the banks. ATMs are usually located it the banks which are in the big centres (as a big city for example) so if you want to withdraw money, then the nearest ATM is around the bus station in Hikkaduwa. In addition, there are many shops and restaurants accept cards for payment in Sri Lanka.

The question at the surf camp

-What languages is learning to surf?
Our instructors speak English, French, Spanish and Russian.

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