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We offer group and individual tours to Sri Lanka including a flight and comfortable accommodation in the camps or hotels close to the station.


We offer travel tours around Sri Lanka, eco-tours through the national parks, buddhist temples and monasteries, fishing, diving and and other leisure activities. And awesome parties in our own bar 17.

Surf School

Our instructors are certified by ISA, the trainings are in accordance with the international standards. We provide you with new equipment and offer surf trips to the best spots of the island.

Surf-school. Surf!


Surf Camp


The season begins!! Hurry up!! The number of places is limited!!

You are tired of the gray landscape of the modern metropolis?

Sri Lanka offers excellent opportunities for surfing. Here almost all the year round one can find excellent waves. Warm transparent waters of Indian Ocean, tropical climate, well-developed infrastructure and rich nature attract many surfers. Great number of surf sri lanka schools works for those who only cut teeth in surfing.

One of the most available places for the beginners is Weligama Bay. This sri lanka surf spot works in wintertime. Waves here are small and flat, that’s why it’s convenient to learn the ropes of surfing just at that spot. Besides, here bottom is gentle and sandy, and there are no stones or reefs. Here you may also rent a surfboard and find the surf sri lanka instructor.

What is so popular on this island?

In surfing sri lanka season Arugam Bay is one of the most attractive places for surfers. Average wave size here is 5 to 12 feet. This is one of the most popular spots for surfing from April to October. Vast clean beaches also make this place rather appealing for tourists.</br> Even though you cannot find costly fashionable hotels here, Arugam Bay doesn’t lose its charm.

Another popular surfing sri lanka place is certainly Hikkaduwa resort. Here infrastructure is perfectly developed and conditions are virtually ideal for surfing in winter. Excellent surf, prolific climate and waves that let you move in both directions appeal many surfers.

Russian surfing school

We offer russian surf school sri lanka services. Russian surf school is a great opportunity to master the basics of surfing and improve your own skills.
Both Russian and Sri Lankan instructors work in our russian surfing school. All of the working russian surfing instructors have broad experience of training, so you will quickly master all the necessary skills. Individual approach to every student and detailed analysis of mistakes using photos and videos lets you master the art of surfing within a very short time

If you have never stood on a Board, but want to try

Russian surfing school provides all the necessary equipment. School is located in the most popular place among surfers in Sri Lanka – Hikkaduwa. These surf spots provide ideal conditions for surfers in wintertime. Features of waves in Hikkaduwa surf spots greatly suit the beginners. Moreover, bottom is flat and sandy here, and there are almost no sharp stones.
Hikkaduwa is a resort with well-developed infrastructure, that’s why taking training courses here is especially convenient. We offer various options of learning, so that you can choose one that suits you best in time and price.



Friendly atmosphere, tasty food, always eat fruits, and indeed you can order food. I especially liked that in a camp - have a real schedule of the day, every day from morning sports (on request), Breakfast, charging on the spot (required), surfing, and then break again surfing and dinner.