2 weeks – 10 lessons
  • Duration: 2 weeks Includes:
    • • 10 surf lessons
    • • surf boards (longbord)
    • • hydroiodide
    • • Shuttle service to the surf spots
    • • drinking water and towels after the lesson
    • • the theoretical part and seminars
    • • image analysis and video analysis lessons

  • 457 $

If you have been dreaming to try riding on the Board, then our offer to you. We offer a two-week training course, which includes 10 lessons. During this time you will get acquainted with the theoretical basics of surfing and get the basic skills of skating.  

C one instructor is involved no more than 3-4 students. Classes with Russian and Indonesian instructors and lasted about 3 hours. All experts in their field and have extensive experience of learning to surf. Individual approach to each pupil can make the learning experience more comfortable and provides rapid progress in learning. A proven method of training allows you to quickly master the basic technique, to overcome the fear of waves and start to get pleasure from this kind of active rest.

Package of 10 lessons will allow you to learn not only the basics of surfing, but also to advance to the next level with the help of our instructors, you will learn how to catch waves, to make long passages on them along the wall of the wave, and when there is fear of waves, will be able to overcome it.
Hikkaduwa is a great place to start learning. The absence of sharp stones, almost permanent waves,  various spots, including the spots where there are a lot of foam required at the initial stage of learning.