Sri Lanka is a wonderful place, especially liked Safari, actually this is the only place where we could see elephants on the island)


Cool country, I liked it because you like something in Goa looks like, but on the other hand is cleaner and the people are interesting, I think it is the influence of Buddhism.


We do a simple camp, no frills stay, simple surf conditions, all in one place so that people coming to the camp, feel simultaneously at home and at sports camp. Our approach in this camp “main surfing”, the guest of the camp should be one commitment to learn and ride, and we organise the rest.


Friendly atmosphere, tasty food, always eat fruits, and indeed you can order food. I especially liked that in a camp – have a real schedule of the day, every day from morning sports (on request), Breakfast, charging on the spot (required), surfing, and then break again surfing and dinner.