Massage and AyurvedaYou shouldn’t ignore the traditional massage with Ayurvedic remedies.There are Ayurvedic institutions for the whole body recovery in Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means “the knowledge of the life”, and Sri Lanka is quite a common place for the Ayurvedic treatments. The main feature, Massage and Ayurvedais that this treatment does not cause side effects. All of the components that are are using to make medicines consist of the natural herbs, resins, herbs and oils. The most basic procedures in Ayurveda are the massage, an acupuncture, the herbal baths, and a diet.

All the programs in Ayurveda are for the healing your body and a spirit, including the work with the mental level. After the treatment, the blood is saturated with oxygen. It completely eliminates stress, fatigue and anxiety, the body is cleansed from toxins and harmful substances, as well as Ayurveda helps produce endorphins.
The standard procedure consists of the massage of the head and the body with special oils, then visit herbal saunas, and ends the procedure by taking a bath with flowers and herbs.

The face and the head massages with a warm oil to achieve the balance between the energy and relaxes the nervous system. One of the famous procedures in the Ayurvedic is Shirodara. The essence is that there is a hot herbal oil dripping in to the middle of the forehead for 20 minutes, it is an effective treatment to eliminate migraines and nervous system disorders.
on average, the procedure takes about three and a half hours, followed by peace and relaxation, not comparable with any SPA treatments.

Sri Lanka is a home for around 7 000 graduates of Ayurveda, the studing process contains of seven years of training in the Institute and two years of practice in the hospital.